Specialty Brushes and Tools


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Series 600 - Atlanta Glaze - Size 3/4"
SKU: 1600
Stiff Glazing Brush. Used for glazing on ceramics and pottery. Also used for texture on soft greenware.

Series 650. Economy Glaze - Size 3/4"
SKU: 1650
Stiff Ox Glazing Brush. Good for texture on soft greenware. Used for all types of glazing on ceramics and pottery.

S-6 Stylus- Double-Ended
SKU: 9000-116
Double-end tracing tool with 2 different sized tips.

Series 780 - Sponge Brush
SKU: 1780
This little Sponge Brush is very nice for dabbing, rouging, and blending. Used with all mediums.

Series 850 - Mold Duster
SKU: 18501
Used to clean dry slip and powder from molds. Also used to apply wax.

Series 750 - Fitch Hair Deerfoot Stippler
SKU: 1750-111
This Natural Fitch Hair Deerfoot Stippler has the perfect stiffness for most stippling affects. Used for texturing grass and pouncing. Used in all mediums.

Mini Palette Knife - 2-1/2"
SKU: 9000-111
Small 2-1/2" Steel Palette Knife

PS-1 Palette Knife- 3"
SKU: 9000-112
Standard 3" Palette Knife

PS-2 Palette Knife- 3"
SKU: 9000-113
Standard 3" Off-Set Palette Knife

Wipe Out Tool
This 'Double Ended Wipe Out Tool' is used to easily "erase" or wipe out mistakes or to smooth color. Each tip is made of silicone rubber. One tip is pointed while the other has a beveled edge.

Series 362 - White Bristle Fan - Champagne Handle
SKU: 13621
This stiff bristle Fan is used to make trees, grass, and other items with texture. Also used to apply satin matte and crystaltone glazes. Used in all mediums

PK-2 Painting Knife - 2"
SKU: 9000-114
Standard 2" Painting Knife

Series 540 - Flat Goat Hair Hake Long Handle
SKU: 1540-111
Made with soft goat hair on a long flat handle. This short hair flat brush is wonderful for softening the finish and for blending paint. Used in all mediums.

PK-4 - Painting Knife 3"
SKU: 9000-115
Standard 3" Painting Knife

Series 205 - Natural Hair Stencil (Theorem Brush)
SKU: 1205-101
Used for Thereom Painting, Pouncing, and Texturing. Soft, yet durable enough to use for blending.

Series 738 - Supreme Script
SKU: 1738-114
This brush is superb for all scrollwork, linework, filigree, tendrils, borders, and highlights. When loaded properly it will do most or all of your pattern without needing more paint. Used in all mediums.

Series 265 - Texture-It
SKU: 1265-111
This natural hair brush is very durable for pouncing. It has a bushy property, the more you use it the bushier it gets. Great to make animal hair, teddy bears, and anything that needs a textured look.

Series 236 Palm Brush 2" wide
SKU: 1236
White Bristle Palm Brush is 2" wide and the handle fits in the pam of your hand. This brush can be used to softly blend color. It is also used to brush off the paper when using colored pencils.

Series 423 - Golden Taklon "Rosebud" Pointed Cat's Tongue
SKU: 14231
This Golden Taklon "Rosebud Brush" got its name because it is shaped like a rosebud. This is a pointed cat;s tongue that can be used as a filbertand brought up on the tip and used as a liner too. It is a unique brush and can be used in any medium.

CD-18 - Counter Display Unit
SKU: 9000-119
Used as a Counter Display. Has 18 separate compartments for standard or long length handles.

CD-40 Counter Display Unit
SKU: 9000
Used as a Counter Display. Has 40 separate compartments for standard and long length handles.

Supreme Script Set
SKU: 9201

Each set contains one each of Series 738 sizes 4-6-8.

White Bristle Foliage Brush Set
SKU: 9236
Each set contains one each of the following: Series 237, sizes 3/8" - 1/2" - 5/8" - 3/4" - 1"

Deerfoot Stippler Set
SKU: 9234
Each set contains one each of the following: Series 750, sizes 2/0-0-2-4-6-8-10

Soft Stencil - Theorem Brush Set
SKU: 9212

Each set contains one each of the following:

Series 205, sizes: 1-2-3-4-5

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