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Series 1440 - Bringle Oval Blender
SKU: 1440-002
Brushes designed for use with Ronnie Bringle techniques

Series 1450 - Bringle Round Blender
SKU: 1450-002
Brushes designed for use with Ronnie Bringle techniques

Series 1460 - Bringle Flat Blender
SKU: 1460-002
Brushes designed for use with Ronnie Bringle techniques

Series 1480 - Bringle Scrubby
SKU: 1480-001
Brushes designed for use with Ronnie Bringle techniques

Series 1520 - Bringle Mop - Size 5/8"
SKU: 1991-1520
Mop designed for use with Ronnie Bringle techniques

Series 237 - White Bristle Foliage Brush
SKU: 12371
White Bristle Foliage Brush

Series 285 - White Nylon Moon Scrubber
SKU: 1285-001
Stiff White Nylon Bristles. Used to scrub the base color onto heavy materials such as denim. Also used to clean soft-fire porcelain and ceramic bisque. Mainly used with acrylics and fabric dyes.

Series 380 - Golden Taklon Fan
SKU: 1380-112
This Fan is made with a soft synthetic taklon. Used for making grass, trees, borders, and other designs with texture. Used in all mediums.

Series 423 - Golden Taklon "Rosebud" Pointed Cat's Tongue
SKU: 14231
This Golden Taklon "Rosebud Brush" got its name because it is shaped like a rosebud. This is a pointed cat;s tongue that can be used as a filbertand brought up on the tip and used as a liner too. It is a unique brush and can be used in any medium.

Series 425 - Golden Taklon Moon Filbert
SKU: 1425-100
This brush is the same great quality as our Series 429 Filbert but the hair on this Series 425 is much shorter and  shaped like a half moon. This shorter hair allows the painter greater control of the brush and the ability to get into smaller spaces. Used in all mediums.

Series 685 - Moon Mop
SKU: 1685-110
This natural hair mop is soft and it's short length gives you extreme control. Perfect for blending techniques.

Series 850 - Mold Duster
SKU: 18501
Used to clean dry slip and powder from molds. Also used to apply wax.

Series 910 - Aqua Flow Filbert
SKU: 1910-101
Unique blend of Squirrel Hair and Black Taklon. Used for blending and strokework. This brush is loved for its soft texture and ability to hold a lot of water. Best suited for water-based products but can be used in all mediums. Ideal for use with One Shot Paints.

Series 920 - Aqua Flow Wash
SKU: 1920-001
A unique blend of Squirrel Hair and Black Taklon. Wonderful brush for China Painting. Ideal for watercolors and all water-based products. Used by Sign Painters with the new One Shot Paints. Its soft texture is great for painting on glass, rice paper, silk and for sumi painting.

Soft White Goat Fan - 385
SKU: 1385-2
Soft Goat Fan Brush is used for Soft Blending.

Synthetic Badger Filberts Set
SKU: 9258
Each set contains one each of the following: Series 516, sizes 0-2-4-6-8-10
Synthetic Badger Brushes used in oils and water soluble oils.

Wipe Out Tool
This 'Double Ended Wipe Out Tool' is used to easily "erase" or wipe out mistakes or to smooth color. Each tip is made of silicone rubber. One tip is pointed while the other has a beveled edge.

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