Golden Taklon - Champagne Handle


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Golden Taklon Beginner's Set - Champagne Handles
SKU: 9209

Each set contains one each of the following:

Series 142, size 10 (flat), Series 158, size 1/2" (angle), Series 406, size 2 (round), Series 432, size 8 (filbert), Series 458, size 1 (liner)

Series 550 - Golden Taklon Champagne Handle Wash
SKU: 1550-111
This acrylic handle Wash brush is preferred for floating, washes, and painting background. Made with the highest quality Golden Taklon available. Used in all mediums.

Series 482 - Golden Taklon Champagne Handle Scroller
SKU: 1482-111
This acrylic handle brush is also called a Script Liner or Rigger. Excellent for fancy scroll work for those that can control this long length hair. Has an excellent point, holds its shape, and the bounce aids the painter in the follow through. Works well in all mediums.

Series 458 - Golden Taklon Champagne Liner
SKU: 1458-101
Acrylic Handled Dresden Liner. Its medium length hair allows sufficient amount of paint and very good control for all your detail and line work. Its handle is liked for its size, feel, and weight. Used in all mediums.

Series 435 - Golden Taklon Moon Filbert Champagne Handle
SKU: 1435-104
This brush is the same great quality as our Series 432 Champagne Handled Filbert but the hair on this Series 435 is much shorter and shaped like a half moon. This shorter hair allows the painter greater control of the brush and the ability to get into smaller spaces. Used in all mediums.

Series 432 - Golden Taklon Champagne Handle Filbert
SKU: 1432-112
Wonderful for all your florals and landscapes. This brush is also used for ridge-free basecoating and varnishing. The acrylic handle is liked for its size, feel, and weight. Used in all mediums.

Series 406 - Champagne Handle
SKU: 1406-102
This excellent Pointed Round with an acrylic handle is one of our most popular brushes. It has a nice point, reservoir, and bounce. Makes wonderful strokes for all types of florals, landscapes, and all your painting needs. Good for all mediums.

Series 158 - Golden Taklon Champagne Handle Angle
SKU: 1158-011
This Angle's acrylic handle is liked for its size, feel and weight. Good for floating and blending especially in small areas. Most popular for making roses and leaves. Can be used in other stroke work using corner loads. Used in all mediums. Made with top quality Golden Taklon.

Series 142 - Golden Taklon Champagne Handle Flat
SKU: 1142-102
The acrylic handle on our Champagne Series is liked for its feel and weight. Preferred for floating, basecoating, and other types of painting. Used in stroke work to create beautiful "flat comma", "C",and "S" strokes. May double load. Used in all mediums. Made with top quality Golden Taklon.

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