Specialty Items


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Sponge Applicator - 780PC
SKU: 17801-PC
Sponge Applicator. Used to apply and blend eyeshadow to the eyes.

Golden Taklon Fan - 380PC
SKU: 138011
This Fan is made with a soft Synthetic Golden Taklon. Use as a Finishing Brush and Duster. Also Used in Spa Treatments. Smaller sizes used for face painting to create butterflies, fur, or texture.

Golden Taklon Striper - 175PC
SKU: 117511
Made with top quality Golden Taklon synthetic nylon. Excellent for making ribbons, leaves, and flower petals when Face Painting.

Golden Taklon Flat Comb - 165PC
SKU: 116511
Made with top quality Golden Taklon synthetic nylon. Sometimes referred to as a comb or rake brush. Used for Eyebrows. Great for Face Painting to make fur and textures.

Golden Taklon Shader -130PC
SKU: 113011
Short, flat, synthetic brush with a chiseled edge. Eyeliner, Lip liner, Eyeshadow, Eyebrow, Camouflage. Great for Face Painting.

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